Client: Makooky World Script: Sarah Abdullah Project Manager: Chadi Aoun Character Design: Patrick Sfeir Direction: Chadi Aoun & Patrick Sfeir Animation: Patrick Sfeir & Chadi Aoun Animation Help: Bernard Abou Assi Song Animation: Samaka studios Sound Design: Goldmine Studios VO Talent: Claudine Sivri VO Talent: Elie Iskandar VOTalent: Chadi Aoun Makooky world, through its online

Hikayat Mimi – MAGRABI KIDS


Client: MAGRABI KIDS Project Manager: Chadi Aoun Script copywriter: Fiona Akel Character design: Patrick Sfeir Animation: Patrick Sfeir Animation: Chadi Aoun Voice Talent: Shaima’ Music: Nabil Saliba Sound: Goldmine studios Hikayat Mimi is an animated series composed of 5 episodes created for MAGRABI KIDS “Back to School” campaign – From character design to final animation,

Flowers of Dust

Client: Yann Charraoui Scenario: Yann Charaoui Illustration: Riad Hanna el Daher 2D Animation: Patrick SfeirAnimation & Edit: Chadi AounMusic & Sound: Yann Charaoui Project coming soon – waiting for rights to display online


Written, Directed and Animated by Chadi Aoun Production: YELO Sound Design & Music: Tunefork Studios Duration 15′ min – color – 2016 “In a fanatic dictatorship. Modern dance is the secret code of the silent resistance. At out-of-the-way places in town young people celebrate the hidden joy of life with their bodies, cope with the

Chadi Aoun Showreel

Animation director and storyteller at heart, Chadi Aoun wears many creative hats. After two years studying Fine Arts in Paris, he graduated with a Master’s in animation from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA), after which he founded YELO, an animation and design studio collaborative. Chadi’s latest animated short “Silence” (Samt) tackling the theme


Production: YELO Direction: Chadi Aoun Camera: Kassim Dabaji Edit: Chadi Aoun Choreography: Nada Kano Dancers: Joanna Aoun – Cindy Germany – Maya Nasr – Kim Baraka – Chadi Aoun Of flesh, soul, bodies and emotion, beings gravitate on the stage of a human odyssey. An oh so human condition, condemned to dream of skies that


Production: YELO Direction: Chadi Aoun DOP & Camera: Ely Dagher / Kassim Dabaji Edit: Chadi Aoun Choreography: Nada Kano Dancers: Lea Chikhani / Maya Nasser / Sara Karam / Kim Baraka / Chadi Aoun / Daniel Balabane   Through bodies that find and hang on to each other, suspended in space – that of exploration

Raksit Leila – Mashrou’ Leila [Official Video]

Production: YELO Direction: Chadi Aoun / Jad Sarout / Yasmine Sarout DOP: Nadim Saoma Additional Footage: Kassim Dabaji Producer: Maher Safar Set Design: Abdallah Hatoum Edit: Chadi Aoun / Yasmine Sarout / Ely Dagher Music Production: B-roo production             Background At the time we met Mashrou3 Leila, they we just

Ahawa (Hey you!) – Nadia

Duration: 5′ Production: Vragmavision / YELO Director: Chadi Aoun Animation & Edit: Chadi Aoun Music & Lyrics: Amazigh folklore / Nadia DOP: Nadim Saoma Camera: Halim Sabbagh “Over the rooftops of Beirut, Nadia’s will is dancing for beauty, peace and emancipation. Lurking in the shadow, a darker will tries to take control”   Background The AHAWA