Hikayat Mimi – MAGRABI KIDS


  • Client: MAGRABI KIDS
  • Project Manager: Chadi Aoun
  • Script copywriter: Fiona Akel
  • Character design: Patrick Sfeir
  • Animation: Patrick Sfeir
  • Animation: Chadi Aoun
  • Voice Talent: Shaima’
  • Music: Nabil Saliba
  • Sound: Goldmine studios

Hikayat Mimi is an animated series composed of 5 episodes created for MAGRABI KIDS “Back to School” campaign – From character design to final animation, this series of tiny shorts was a delight to produce.

Ep01: “Eyeglasses wearing Family!”

Ep02: “Eye tests!”

Ep03: “Sport!”

Ep04: “Fashion Victims”

Ep05 – “Two of a Kind!”

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