Makooky App Intro


Client: Makooky World Project Manager: Chadi Aoun Character re-looking: Patrick Sfeir Animation: Patrick Sfeir Animation: Chadi Aoun Sound & Edit: Chadi Aoun Makooky World App offers children songs in Classical Arabic, Lebanese, Egyptian, and in Gulf dialects. The songs and stories are offered through an interactive experience allowing kids to learn Arabic and enjoy the

Hikayat Mimi – MAGRABI KIDS


Client: MAGRABI KIDS Project Manager: Chadi Aoun Script copywriter: Fiona Akel Character design: Patrick Sfeir Animation: Patrick Sfeir Animation: Chadi Aoun Voice Talent: Shaima’ Music: Nabil Saliba Sound: Goldmine studios Hikayat Mimi is an animated series composed of 5 episodes created for MAGRABI KIDS “Back to School” campaign – From character design to final animation,

Al Bustan Festival 2017

Client: Al Bustan Festival Production: YELO Illustration: Joseph Kai Animation: Chadi Aoun Al Bustan Festival was founded in 1994, and has established in Lebanon a unique and unprecedented tradition of a music season in winter. The founders wished to revive the cultural life of a country reemerging after seventeen years of war. With a predominance

Things I’m Not – trailer

Client: Beirut Dance Company Production: YELO Direction: Chadi Aoun Choreography: Nada Kano Camera: Kassim Dabaji   They Stand. In dimensions between Heritage, Traditions, Liberation, and Value shifts. She searches for a place to stand still? to stand strong? to stand out? He searches. Amongst Equality, Power, Questioning and Doubting. They stand still? Stand strong? Stand

Borderline – Teaser

Client: Beirut Dance Company Production: YELO Direction: Chadi Aoun Choreography: Nada Kano   Teaser and prints produced for the dance show “Borderline” performed by the Beirut Dance Company. Background “Of flesh, soul, bodies and emotion, beings gravitate on the stage of a human odyssey. An oh so human condition, condemned to dream of skies that

Unrealating – trailer

Client: Beirut Dance Company Production: YELO Director: Chadi Aoun Choreography: Nada Kano Camera: Yasmine Sarout     Unrealating choreographed by Nada Kano for the Beirut Dance Company, and performed by 6 dancers. The show premiered in Madina theatre in February 2013. Background Through bodies that find and hang on to each other, suspended in space

Painting in Motion

Client: Zeina Assi Direction: Chadi Aoun – Amandine Brenas Edit & Sound Design:  Chadi Aoun “Painting in motion” (my personal nickname for the project) is a collaboration with Lebanese artist & painter Zena Assi. The video was created for the exhibition opening launch of her new series of paintings which inspired the video. It is

Lebanese Film Festival (Né à Beyrouth)

Client: Lebanese Film Festival Production: YELO Concept & Animation: Chadi Aoun / Jad Sarout Sound design: Chadi Aoun The Lebanese Film Festival showcases the best of Lebanese cinema and is the only platform in Lebanon that uniquely promotes Lebanese talent from Lebanon and abroad. In it’s 13th edition, LFF has grown into the leading film


Client: Jamalouki Magazine Production: YELO Animation: Chadi Aoun Intern: Melyssa Ibrini     Animation for Jamalouki magazine that launched its new online presence.