Unrealating – trailer

  • Client: Beirut Dance Company
  • Production: YELO
  • Director: Chadi Aoun
  • Choreography: Nada Kano
  • Camera: Yasmine Sarout



Unrealating choreographed by Nada Kano for the Beirut Dance Company, and performed by 6 dancers. The show premiered in Madina theatre in February 2013.

Through bodies that find and hang on to each other, suspended in space – that of exploration – comes the time of heavy legacies, old wounds, the mad mental race… frolics become dialectics, internal debates. Within the solitary chaos of misunderstanding, each one enters in his personal discussion: Can we escape? From the other, from projecting? From feeling? From this gut craziness? Whether we dance with the other or his image, an imaginary other, dance remains vigor. «Un•re(a)lating» tells the story of adventures and incomprehension between individuals but also within the forces of our environment.