UNICEF – Give Your Child A Name

  • Client: UNICEF / UNHCR
  • Production: YELO
  • Design & Animation: Chadi Aoun
  • Collaborator: Jad Sarout

“Give Your Child A Name” is an awareness campaign, Commissioned by UNICEF (working hand in hand with UNHCR). The campaign targets mainly disadvantaged Syrian refugee families in Lebanon. The tricky part was to produce content information on fliers and posters to a mixed crowd of literates and illiterates.

As the video created was meant to loop in health and registration centers, we took our time explaining clearly each step of the birth registration in Lebanon with simple iconic illustrations in order for the viewer to later on, pick up a flier and visually remember all the info with practically no written words.
A challenging project, that was met with great results on the field.



A name and nationality is every child’s right, enshrined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child and other international treaties. Yet the births of around one fourth of children under the age of five worldwide have never been recorded. This lack of formal recognition by the State usually means that a child is unable to obtain a birth certificate. As a result, he or she may be denied health care or education. Later in life, the lack of official identification documents can mean that a child may enter into marriage or the labor market, or be conscripted into the armed forces, before the legal age. In adulthood, birth certificates may be required to obtain social assistance or a job in the formal sector, to buy or prove the right to inherit property, to vote and to obtain a passport. Registering children at birth is the first step in securing their recognition before the law, safeguarding their rights, and ensuring that any violation of these rights does not go unnoticed.

Posters / Fliers preview